Tap & Jazz

Classes for All Ages and Levels

Creative-TapAges 3-5Emma van Hecke
Tap/Jazz I/IIAges 7-12Emma van Hecke
Tap IIIPlacementEmma van Hecke
Jazz III/IVPlacementAmy Martindale

Tap Class Descriptions

A combination of ballet, theatre, tap, and gymnastics. We focus on creative movement with music, rhythm and fun. Your dancer will learn basic ballet vocabulary and how to count to 10 in French.

Tap/Jazz I/II
Your dancer’s tap and jazz foundations will be set and developed in Tap/Jazz I/II. We’ll learn the history and terminology of these dance styles as well as rhythm and musicality. Level I Tap steps that will be built upon include Buffalo, Irish, Flap, quick clean shuffles and Maxie Ford. The class will include basic turns, jumps, and combinations.

Tap III (placement only)
Building upon the foundations learned in tap level II, dancers will learn more advanced steps, increasing the tempo, and deepening the understanding of both the musicality and artistry of dance.

Jazz III (placement only)
This level builds upon technicality and style, adding more complex leaps, turns, center work and stunts. The dancer will be expected to perform intricate combinations as well as explore the theatricality and history of the style.

Our Instructors
Emma van Hecke, Amy Martindale



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