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Jazz IAges 7-10Chloe Straub
Jazz IIPlacementChloe Straub
Jazz III/IVPlacementChloe Straub

Jazz Class Descriptions

Jazz dance is one of the most popular styles of dance among amateurs. It is very stylistic and requires lots of personality and flare.  There is usually an attitude or emotion being conveyed through the dance and the movements are both big and exaggerated. There are many styles of jazz including but not limited to jazz funk, broadway jazz, and lyrical jazz.

Jazz I
This class teaches the basics of classic jazz dance fundamentals.

Jazz II (placement only)
This class builds on the basis of classical jazz dance while keeping an energetic, age-appropriate style. Building on level one, the dancer will learn stylistic elements as well as basic turns, jumps, and combinations. 

Jazz III/IV (placement only)
This level builds upon technicality and style, adding more complex leaps, turns, center work and stunts. The dancer will be expected to perform intricate combinations as well as explore the theatricality and history of the style.

Our Instructor
Chloe Straub



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