Senior Spotlights 2021

Videographer: Down the Beanstalk Productions | Senior Photos: Katie Felix

Noelle Nevue

Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven mixed with Haunted Violin by Sasha Gordon: My piece is about one’s identity when something previously identified with is suddenly taken away. Ludwig van Beethoven was going deaf at the time he wrote Moonlight Sonata, and I can only imagine the pain and fear he felt. I want to convey those emotions as I dance for you.

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Haleigh Stewart

My Portion by Isla Vista Worship and Mark Barlow: Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a “studio rat.” I was that kid who wanted to work even harder than the person next to me, who would stay after class after everyone left, who would get to practice early to go over movement, and who would even show up to the studio on Christmas if there was a rehearsal. Dance has always been my life. In some ways, I still am that person who wants to go the extra mile. But who gave me this passion and this drive? Where did that come from? God gave me something I love with all of my heart, and for that, I want to give it back to Him. He has given me something that I love more than anything, and I want nothing more than to share that love with others. To me, this piece is a reminder of who I live for, and who I owe all the glory to.

Sylvie Olson

Wonder by Shawn Mendes: Wonder is about breaking free from anxiety, depression, and controlled thoughts. The dance is my thoughts (portrayed by dancers AJ Pelkey and Noelle Nevue) that are lying to me, torturing me, and tearing me down as I try to escape them. Then I change my thoughts into something beautiful, and they dance in unison with me, lifting me up instead of pushing me to the ground. God helps me and changes my thoughts from those with the only purpose to make me feel small and worthless into true thoughts of what God sees of me.

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Memories from Dance for Hope