Classes for All Ages and Levels

Your tap foundation starts here.
Creative Tap Ages 3 – 5 Anne Marie Goracke
Pre-Tap Ages 5-7 Anne Marie Goracke
Tap I Ages 7-10 Anne Marie Goracke
Tap II Ages 10-13 Anne Marie Goracke
Tap IV Placement Only Anne Marie Goracke

Tap Class Descriptions

Your 5-7 year old will learn to love tap here! We’ll shuffle, flap and stomp our way through the dance year together learning simple combinations and playing fun learning games. See you on the dance floor!

Tap I
Your dancer’s tap foundation will be set in Tap 1. We’ll learn tap history and terminology as well as rhythm and musicality. Buffalo, Irish, Flap, quick clean shuffles and Maxie Ford are some of the steps we practice in addition to beginner level combinations. Join us for a fun class where dancers flourish in their training!

Tap 2
Tap 2 dancers will continue to add to their tap foundation. We will start to double and triple the single steps we already know and we’ll work on doing them cleaner and faster.

Tap 3
Hold on to your hats! This is a fast paced class for experienced tappers. The goal for this class is to have fun with quick & varied rhythms. We’ll put together a challenging dance that will have audiences bouncing out of their seats with joy!

Our Instructor
Anne Marie Goracke


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