Crazy Love Recital 2022

Dear JCSD Studio Families,

I want to welcome each one of you to an incredible season of celebrating and being surprised by God’s crazy love!

On first glance in the dictionary, the descriptive word crazy isn’t flattering, for it’s often used in a negative way to describe people who are struggling. The word originated in the late 16th century as craze, meaning full of cracks or flaws. So why would I choose to pair this word with love for our spring recital?

The answer comes from a deeper look at crazy’s definitions and synonyms, which include radical, weird, unexpected, non-sensical, fantas- tic, and wild. This is just the way Jesus came and lived on earth — in a surprising way. He flipped religion on its head, declaring that all are welcome into His family simply by believing in Him. He came to die for you and me, redeeming us, healing our brokenness, and restoring us back to Himself.

He did not have to do any of these incredible things, but He did them because of His unfailing, unwavering, never-changing, never-gonna-stop-pursuing-us love. When we accept His love and choose to walk with Him, we’ll find that following Him is a wild and crazy adventure.

It’s full of surprises, unexpected outcomes, and unique and abnormal situations. It’s the opposite of boring. It is so exciting!

In our world today, Jesus is looking to use you and me in His redemptive story. He is asking each of us to be willing to do crazy things and to look different. This is how the world will know who He is, and His love will be experienced through you and me. I don’t know about you, but being invited by God to partner with Him in bringing about His kingdom to this world is beyond anything I could ask or imagine. It’s CRAY-ZEE!!!

At JCSD we strive for excellence in dance and in our relationship with God, knowing who we are, rooted and established in His love. That’s where it starts. That’s where the power is.

Now let’s go out and show God’s crazy love.

Love, Amy

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Days until our first show!

Parents: Here’s the spring recital newsletter in case you need to review the important details for our upcoming shows. 

Do you have questions about the spring recitalWe shared a CRAZY amount of information with you in the spring recital newsletter. You will more than likely have questions, so we have set up a time for you to come by the studio and chat with us about all the details. If April 2 doesn’t work for you, feel free to contact us at