*Please note that these guidelines will be updated throughout the 2020-21 year as needed in keeping with state mandates.

 JCSD staff will sanitize the facility between each session and seek to limit the number of people inside the studios to provide adequate distancing between staff and students. You will see that we’re reducing the number of dancers per class and shortening some classes for this reason to give us time to clean and to provide adequate spacing of students leaving and arriving.

  • Face Masks: All dancers ages 5 and older are required by the state to wear face masks indoors (and outdoors if six feet cannot be maintained between individuals).
  • Arrival and Dismissal: Dancers may enter through the main studio doors on the east side of Christ’s Center no earlier than 5 minutes before class begins and check in for hand sanitizer and temperature check. We ask that a parent check in and pick up each Level 1 and lower dancer. Classes will be dismissed through the studio’s back door, which is on the north side of the building by the playground and inside the gated parking lot. No parent is allowed to remain in the building during class time with the exception of Creative and Tiny Two’s classes and then only if a child is struggling to transfer from parent to teacher. If you have any concerns with the drop off/pickup plan, please reach out to us.
  • Personal Items: Please limit the personal items you send into the studio with your dancer. Ballet bags will not be allowed. Each dancer should bring a water bottle, clearly marked with his/her first and last names.
  • Health: As you’ll continue to hear as we all work to protect each other from the spread of COVID-19, your dancer must stay home if he/she, you or anyone in your family is coughing, has an abnormal temperature of 99 or higher, or any other COVID-19 symptoms. In general, if you have a question about the health of your dancer or anyone you’ve been in contact with, please exercise caution and stay home! If your dancer has been in contact with someone with coronavirus or has traveled out of the state, we ask that you self quarantine away from the studio for two weeks.
  • High-risk Individuals: If your child falls into a high risk category for COVID-19 or you live with a high-risk individual, we ask that you consider a different activity for your child. While we will work hard to keep the studio and its surfaces sanitized each day between camps and classes, we cannot guarantee we will be able to maintain appropriate social distancing measures at each point in the class.