Urban Dance Conference


Level :


Appropriate for ages 9-12 and dancers with little choreographed dancing experience.


Appropriate for dancers with 2-4 years of choreographed dancing experience.


Appropriate for advanced dancers with over 4 years of choreographed dancing experience.

Registering As :

Dancers currently enrolled at ID or JCSD should be registered as a part of a Group of 10+


Register by July 1 st :

  • $185 for a Single Dancer
  • $170/dancer Group Rate 5-9 Dancers
  • $160/dancer Group Rate 10+ Dancers & Dancers Currently Enrolled at ID or JCSD
Add $30 for registrations after July 1 st


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Videotaping Festival Pass :

Purchase and additional "VFP" for $50. A VFP allows you to record any of the dance material/choreography during the conference. The Word in Motion Dance Company is known for their unique style and choreography. The VFP allows you to take footage of this amazing choreography and use it for training, personal use, or any other performance, except competitions.

Step of Hope Concert :

At the end of the conference, we will be hosting the "Step of Hope" benefit concert. The concert is meant to raise awareness and funds for Hope Ranch Ministries, an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating survivors of human trafficking. This is a cause that Word in Motion, Identity Dance, and JCSD feels very passionately about, and we want to do anything to help prevent this epidemic in our community and beyond.

If you choose not to participate, you will receive a free admission ticket. Additional tickets will be $12.