Classes for All Ages and Levels

Ballet is the core of all dance. We pull from several techniques including Vaganova, Balanchine and Cecchetti.

Pre Ballet Ages 5-7 Amy Baker / Amy Martindale
Ballet I Ages 7-10 Amy BakerTracy Fuller
Ballet II Ages 10-13 Marissa Jensen / Kendra Laube
Ballet III/IV Placement Tracy Fuller
Open Ballet Ages 13+ Kerry Laube

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Ballet Class Descriptions

Instilling a love for dance
Pre-ballet is an introductory ballet class teaching basic ballet feet and arm positions and movements in center and across the floor, while keeping the creative and fun aspects of dance (see Creative for basic skills learned). Additional movements include: tendu and degage (in sequence beginning in 1st and 2nd position), plie and releve (in sequence to prepare for jumps), chasse beginning in 5th position and arabesque.

Ballet I
Creating the Foundation of a Dancer
(see Pre-Ballet for skills learned previously). The dancer finds the relationship between barre and center and foundational principals such as alignment, turnout, weight distribution/balance, aplomb, and artistry.

Ballet II
Improving the Strength of a Dancers’ Structure
(placement only) Progressing from level I into level II, the dancer will learn advanced timing, epaulment, petit allegro, grande allegro and the fundamentals of turns, such as pirouettes. We learn the classical positions of the body, stage directions and reverence, as well as begin sequencing the different steps together.

Ballet III/IV
Becoming a Dancer
(placement only) Moving forward from level II, the dancer will have continued barre expansion, center work and across the floor combinations. In level III you will see increased demands of strength, range of motion, performance, etc. The dancer will be expected to use expression and artistry throughout their movement.

Pre Pointe
Preparing the body for pointe shoes

Open Ballet Tech
This class is designed for those who are looking for a fun and relaxed place to learn basic ballet technique. Open Ballet is built for older students who have no ballet experience, or as a supplemental class for current students in our ballet program.

Pointe I
The Art of Dancing on Pointe

Ballet V
Being a Dancer

Pointe II
Classical Variations

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